If you’re considering SEO you’ve probably used Google to find a local SEO company in Surrey. That means that you would have found us on Page One of the search results. So in order for you to find us easily and quickly,  it would be fair to say that we know what we’re doing with SEO to rank our own website and business.

Here’s some other reasons why we think we can deliver you a great SEO service, just click the links to find out more detail.

Experts. We’ve been doing SEO for nearly 10 years

We have been working in SEO for 10 years and in digital marketing since 1996. We’re experts in our field and also understand the digital marketing landscape that feeds into SEO. When you sign up with us, you’re getting years of expertise and an understanding of digital business marketing.

Fair charges. Our costs are very competitive and we only ever charge you for the work we carry out

Our rates are really competitive – give us a call to find out. We believe we offer high quality SEO work at the best value for money. When we estimate the time it takes us and it takes up less time then we don’t charge you for it.

Control. We don’t outsource our SEO so you know exactly who is doing your SEO

We know that some SEO companies will take on your work…and then outsource it to another company – usually abroad as it’s cheaper so they can get a higher margin and profit. So you think you’re contracted directly to a specific SEO company but you aren’t. Does that sound in control to you? We have also seen horrific work carried out by outsourced companies, including bad grammar and spelling, poor quality content and spam techniques because they don’t know anything about your business and don’t care about your business. Not having control over who is doing your SEO means that your website – and business – could be threatened by poor quality SEO work and brand association with dubious websites. We believe 100% that when you sign up with us we are the company that are actually doing the work. We don’t charge you a higher margin and outsource it cheaply. You can be assured that ALL of your SEO work is completed by us with your business interests in mind.

Excellent quality. We only do white hat and ethical SEO that doesn’t endanger your website

We only use ethical white hat techniques that are within the search engines’ guidelines and will not threaten or ban your website. We also produce transparent reports so that you know exactly what we are doing for you in the SEO sphere. Because we also don’t outsource your SEO, we know exactly the processes we are using because we do everything in-house.

30 days notice. We don’t tie you into long contracts

We have heard horror stories about SEO companies tying in companies to 6-month or year-long contracts or on a retainer basis. This means that if your SEO isn’t performing for any reason, you’re locked into a contract that you can’t get out of. Our contracts are 30 days long. We know we’ll do a great job for you, however, if for any reason you want to halt your SEO work you can do so quickly and easily.

Unlimited keywords. We don’t limit the amount of keywords you can rank for

We’re also aware that some SEO companies will offer you 1 or 2 keywords, 3 or 5 keywords or even throw you a bone with 6 keywords depending on how much you pay. We don’t believe that’s a great offer. Regardless of what you pay, we will offer you all the core keywords we believe will drive traffic to your website and that you can rank for. Our ethos is that you’re engaging with us to do your SEO and that means using ALL the keywords that we believe will work for your website.

No packages. We believe that every business is individual so we don’t package our SEO to make it easier for us

We are proud that we don’t offer SEO packages because we don’t believe it’s the right approach. Your business is individual – so why try and fit a square peg into a round SEO hole that will suit us better than you? SEO companies who offer packages are doing what is convenient for them – both in resources and costs to them. We understand that EVERY business is unique in their products, services, markets, competitors and therefore SEO and search marketing requirements. So we don’t offer a package deal, we offer individual and tailored SEO solutions.

Transparency. We give you clear reports so that you know exactly what we do

We produce detailed and regular reporting for the SEO work we carry out and the search engine ranking performance for your website. Regular reporting comes as standard and is included in the cost. You’ll get to understand and see everything that we do so all of the work is transparent and you can check progress and the quality of our work that we carry out.

Exceptional customer service. We are available for and responsive to our clients

We work closely with our clients and have an excellent working relationship with them. We’re responsive and answer calls and queries quickly. We also on occasions work outside of hours and over weekends if that’s what is required for your business. Sometimes our clients require additional SEO or changes carried out immediately which we respond to as a priority.

No sausage machine approach. Some companies will treat your SEO work as a sausage machine process. We don’t.

For some SEO companies it’s a numbers game and about sales targets. For SEO Surrey it’s about implementing the right SEO to meet your business objectives. We also treat all of our clients as individuals and that goes for our SEO work too. Our SEO techniques are applied to every business individually, including taking into account what marketing you have in place already and what your competitors are doing. We also look at the specific business goals that you want to achieve whether selling products, lead generation, brand awareness, product launches or all of these.