We give an excellent all-round SEO service as standard. When you choose our SEO services, this is what you’ll get – just click the links to find out more detail.


Our prices are very competitive compared to other SEO companies in Surrey and if we don’t use the time that we estimate, we won’t charge you for it. Our pricing is great value for money and starts from £160. Some SEO agencies will charge a fixed monthly fee, but we don’t believe that pricing model gives you fair value for money because they are likely to base the fee on upper price limits that benefits them  to ensure they’re not out of pocket.

30 Day Contract

Unlike most SEO companies, we don’t tie you into a long contract. You can give us 30 days notice.

Using Ethical Techniques

Why would you put your business in the hands of someone who may put it at risk? We have seen some real horror stories involving unscrupulous SEO companies and how they have ruined businesses with unethical and spam SEO techniques affecting websites. We only ever use high quality, ethical – or white hat – techniques that are within Google’s guidelines. This means that we will never compromise your website and expose you to the threat of being blacklisted by search engines. Some agencies will promise you number one rankings and higher rankings and quickly, however, the cost is short term gain to get you ranking higher quickly while exposing your website to the risk of penalty from Google. If your website is exposed to this risk, this means that your website will fall off the radar and it will be extremely hard to regain your rankings and trust with Google after Google penalises you. We believe that SEO is a long-term strategy and accordingly, our SEO techniques are sustainable and long-term and will never expose your business to this type of risk.

If you have lost rankings because of unethical and spam techniques, contact us and we may be able to help you restore ground for Google rankings with our SEO Recovery Service

Website review of content and structure 

We’ll conduct an in-depth review of all aspects of your website for SEO purposes. We’ll examine your content organisation, page structure, index checks, internal links, codes and navigation and much more. Your website needs to be fit for purpose to allow SEO to have the maximum effect.

Review of existing analytics and keyword

We’ll review your website visitor data and keyword data to spot opportunities for rankings and keywords that could add valuable SEO impact.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a fundamental part of the SEO process and will determine the proven keywords that your prospective customers will enter into Google at the point at which they are looking for a product or service. We don’t second-guess keywords, we do an in-depth keyword analysis into the groups of search terms that customers will actually use, there is traffic for and you can rank for. We use a variety of research tools to come up with the most targeted, relevant and prolific traffic keywords that you can rank for.

Competitor analysis

We analyse your key competitors and research their website, how they are operating their SEO and what keywords they are targeting and ranking for. This will give us a clear idea on competitive SEO strategy and also how we can differentiate you from them using SEO. We’ll also look at your competitors who appear higher in the rankings for your keywords and define a strategy that can help you win higher rankings.

Market analysis

We analyse the market in which you operate and determine the impact to the SEO and how we can achieve an SEO coup within your market.

Website coding and HTML analysis and implementation

Here we look at how your website is coded, including HTML titles and meta descriptions, and work on improving them for SEO purposes to help you get ranked. We also write content for impactful ranking result descriptions which appear in the search engines.

SEO content

We look at your website content,  how well your content is written for your audience and how we can enhance and improve it for SEO purposes. Where needed, we’ll rewrite content so that it’s optimised for SEO and write new content where it’s required. We also write high quality content for link building and driving traffic to your website.

Link building strategy and implementation

After on-site SEO optimisation, link building is the next phase of SEO which creates important links back to your website  from external websites. It also maintains your high level rankings. Link building is an ongoing process and we do all link building ourselves using a variety of ethical and high quality methods. In fact, our link building methods are second to none. We don’t use cheap, spam automated link building techniques as this will jeapordise your website rankings. We also never outsource link building because we only trust ourselves to do it to the high quality that our clients expect. We have proven to build some strong, high quality links that will give authority to your website and we use only the best link building techniques.

Performance measurement set-up

We’ll set up Google Analytics to track how your visitors reach your website and how they find you. We’ll also track search terms to fine-tune the SEO performance and demonstrate value for money from our SEO services.

Progress reports

We provide comprehensive SEO progress reports that monitor your rankings from the outset. We’ll demonstrate to you the SEO performance for every keyword that is targeted and show you the increase in volume of visitors to your website. We’ll update you regularly on what we are doing and how the SEO is being implemented.

All work is carried out us – no outsourcing to other companies

All of the work is carried out by us in-house and subjected to our own high quality control. Some SEO companies will take on your work and then outsource it to other companies to get a higher margin and profits, and they won’t necessarily tell you. This means that you lose control on who is actually implementing your SEO work. Usually these outsourced companies are abroad. We have seen very poor work that is carried out by outsource suppliers because they aren’t contracted to you directly, so there is no care, and they also don’t know anything about your business. Poor work we have come across includes poor grammar, spelling, spam content and links and also brand association with dubious websites.