SEO will help your website to become more visible and prominent in the search engine results of Google, Yahoo and Bing. The higher you are in the rankings, the more likely the link to your website will be clicked on by searchers looking for a company, products or services like yours. It’s all about perception too. Searchers will typically perceive the higher ranking companies as higher quality and value.

Proven – It’s Profitable to be Higher in the Rankings

Your business will benefit financially as research has proven that the benefit of ranking number one is extremely valuable (see table) and has the potential of tripling your visits for a keyword. 60% of clicks (shown as CTR Click through rate datain the table) go to the top three rankings on the search page results. By moving up the rankings on the search pages, your business will gain the financial benefits.

Competitors and SEO

It may be that your competitors are using SEO as a digital marketing technique. If they are you will definitely be losing out to them. If they appear above you or on a higher page than you, they will be benefitting from all of the website traffic that could be yours. If your competitors aren’t using SEO, then by having SEO on your website, you will be at a distinct competitor advantage.

Local targeting in Surrey

By targeting SEO in Surrey we can also help you to target local customers and implement local strategies to help you get more business using SEO. Surrey is where we specialise and have helped businesses rank considerably higher, getting them from obscurity in position 234 (page 23) to the first page and also helping to increase rankings higher on the first page.

Cost effective Marketing

When using SEO you’re benefiting from one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing. SEO costs less than most forms of digital marketing and means that investment in SEO will cost less in the longterm. The keywords that you rank for won’t cost you any more money for the traffic that is generated.

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